What to have ready for your "tax lady"

A good hint of what you need for this year's tax return is to take a look at last year's return.  If you have something entered in block 8 of the 1040, (interest payments you received) chances are that you received a Form 1099 for the current tax year. 

If you received a refund of your state taxes for the previous year AND you itemized (Schedule A), your refund may be taxable.

Don't know if someone you support financially is your dependent for tax purposes?  You may be able to claim someone, such as a parent, even if they didn't live with you.  Bring any type of income the other person received plus a list of your expenses and we'll help you to determine dependency status.
·      Last year's tax return (Don't have one?  Not a problem!  We can do it for you.)
· Dependents’ names, social security numbers, and dates of birth
· W2s; any information on unreimbursed employee business expenses, such as mileage, uniforms, union dues.
· All 1099s, including unemployment, gambling income, self-employment, pension, jury duty, etc
· Interest, dividend statements, including student loan interest
· Brokerage statements
· Social Security statements
·     Other forms of income, such as alimony
· Any IRA information, such as contributions; also proof of alimony paid
· Any medical expenses, including mileage, charitable contributions,both monetary and non cash, including mileage to perform charitable work, taxes paid, including real estate, income taxes, and personal property taxes
· Home mortgage interest
· Any tuition expenses, child care expenses, including your day care provider's social security number or EIN
· Health Savings Account, cancellation of debt, or purchase and installation of energy efficient home items, such as windows, furnace, insulation.
· Estimated taxes paid
· First time home buyers' credit information
· Bank account information for refund, if applicable, or direct debit of taxes due.
 Bring your questions!
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