843-415-1686; 843-707-7113 (alternate)

At no extra cost! 

States' returns at no extra charge when I do your federal return!

Got a letter from the IRS?
Being audited?
Call me!

Scanning services available!
I can scan all of your important documents onto a flash drive.

The “mobile” in our name simply means  that I will come to your home or business, conduct a short interview, and gather your documents.  I then go off site to complete the return.  When I am done, including a quality review, I will bring it back to you for your review.  When we are both satisfied that the return is as accurate as it can be, I  have you sign it, and give you your copies.   At this point, you are done!  I then efile both your federal and state returns for you.  In my experience, I have found that it sometimes can take two or more hours to complete a return.  Do you really want to sit and watch me work?!



Save 10%
Tax Preparation


New clients only; one per customer.

            I also offer bonus bucks.  For every paid client you refer to me, you'll get $10.00 off your own return!

The IRS never sleeps!  Mobile Tax Service, LLC  offers a year round presence for those of you who might receive an audit notice in the mail or just have tax-related questions.  Sometimes, asking a question in advance can save you thousands of dollars in taxes!


Albert Einstein once said:  “The hardest thing to understand is the income tax!”  Call Mobile Tax Service, LLC to take the mystery out of your tax return!

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